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Fall hunting season is here, and now is the time to get your hunting rifle ready. The smart hunter will use Ballistic and our 4-Step Process to ensure their shooting preparation is as efficient as possible. STEP 1: Chronographing At the shooting range, begin by chronographing the various hunting rounds to be used later in […]

Hunting our Western States usually requires a good deal of hiking over some steep and rocky terrain, making the weight being carried a real issue. So, the intelligent Western hunter looks for lightweight, compact gear. Such as the following… Swagger’s SEA12 (Extreme Angle) Bipod Every shooter wants the rigidity of a traditional bipod but also […]

Our current ammunition situation not only has ammo scarce but very, very expensive. It’s also the case that a particular rifle will be more accurate with some brands and types of ammunition than others. So, how does a longer-distance shooter determine which ammunition options might be best? One method is to buy numerous brands of […]

Suppressors are great tools for serious shooters, especially long-distance competitors and hunters. Quality suppressors reduce muzzle blasts to safe hearing levels without hearing protection, making communication between shooters more efficient. In most cases, a suppressor will even lessen the felt recoil of a rifle. However, shooters need to make specific allowances for suppressed firearms. “A […]

No doubt, your father got at least some of his long-range shooting ideas from his father.  Ideas like, “Zero three inches high at 100 yards, and you can take on any deer out to 300 yards,” and, “If the leaves flutter, the wind’s at 5MPH. Leaves are flipping over 10MPH!” Today, Dad knows that precision […]

While long-range shooters can and do spend impressive amounts of money on their shooting rigs, there are some real bargains available on products that can make shooting easier and more effective. For example, and for less than $100, a long-range shooter can have…. Ulfhednar Cookie Dough Support Pillow ($73) Made of durable, weather-resistant Cordura®, this versatile support […]

Those first times shooting long-range distances can be intimidating. It’s so…far! And the target looks so small! “But, remember, if you can hit at 100 yards, you can hit at 1,000 yards,” said veteran long-range shooting competitor Curt Vaughn. “It just takes practice, study and determination.” Before a new shooter even gets to the range, Vaughn, who owns Vaughn […]

As with most technical pursuits, long-range shooting has a good number of basic terms a shooter needs to know on their way to being a top shot. These terms include: Ballistic Coefficient – According to Wikipedia, “the ballistic coefficient (BC) of a body is a measure of its ability to overcome air resistance in flight.” Less air resistance […]

Before and during their participation in the recentGrunt Style Vortex Optics Mammoth Sniper Challenge, Gordon Meehl and his shooting partner used Ballistic-and the World’s Number One shooting app was instrumental in helping them take 9th Place in the event’s Regular Division!  “My shooting partner was able to get first shots hit at 700 and 800 yards just […]

Considering all the money long-range shooters and hunters spend on rifles, optics and ammunition, adding a free shooting app to the mix might seem pretty unnecessary.  It’s the exact opposite. As professional shooters know, a proven, ultra-high-tech shooting app like Ballistic is a huge assist in making precision shots, no matter the terrain, the weather or the […]