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Ballistic is an incredible product to work on, and for those that know us, know that it’s a true passion project. We love what we do and the incredible shooting and precision shooting community we are able to support. Which is why we love it when we hear from our users. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

OutdoorHub: Ballistic App: More Features, Data and Options Than Any Other Ballistic Calculator


Easy and straight forward to use, best of all it’s very true to calculations in the field. I mainly use it out to 600 yds for my 7mm Rem and find it spot on.



This app has almost anything one is looking for, when looking at these kinds of apps! Constantly updating in order to provide up to date information regarding all types of bullets. Highly recommended if you are looking for a great ballistics app!



Total ballistic customization
This app is clearly at the top of its game. The makers of this app have thought of everything down to the smallest detail. I am a precision shooter but I choose not to use some of the information made available to us as shooters these days. This app makes it possible to choose what information you want used in your range calculations. You can make a profile to keep all settings and use current weather from a local station or input manually. In short, if you want this app to do something, it can, you just need to learn how to make it.

—Merc Member


Comprehensive and Accurate. I was skeptical when I bought this app several years ago. I’ve become a BIG fan! I don’t like writing reviews unless I’ve actually used a product for a while. I typically shoot .338 LM, 308WIN and 5.56/223 in various rifles and ranges. This app has me on target fast and within .25 moa with my .338 and .5moa with the other rifles probably due to their lower inherent accuracy. Being on target fast has saved me much money on ammo and frustration. The ability to take a zero from high desert in warm weather, high altitude and low humidity and translate it to low altitude medium humidity and temp is amazing! And it can pull local weather for you. The load data is available for test barrels and you can adjust muzzle velocities to match what your chronograph at to get accurate charts. Windage, when measured accurately on the range and put into the data, is also accurate. The HUD is a quick way to get values for a rapidly changing environment. You can add your own reticle in the zero target area which is a neat feature that I haven’t used as much as I probably should. The same is true of the logbook (I should use it more) and it’s pretty easy to use but I am stuck on using paper logbooks. Even if you hand load, nearly every field is adjustable. And then you can save your loads or load and rifle combinations. There are more features that I haven’t mentioned but these are the ones I’ve used enough to write a reasonable review.



I use this app mostly to learn about ballistics and reloading. Very extensive library of bullets, quite easy to add custom settings. Especially love the fact that new features and fixes keep on being added regularly.



I don’t usually write reviews and I am fairly new to precision shooting. But this program allowed me to go out and make accurate shots at 500 yards with hand loads. And by accurate, I mean within a 6×6 inch plate (second shot after adjusting for wind). This app has a lot of features, which might be a little overwhelming for the first time user. But as soon as I got everything calibrated for my rifle, the ballistic charts are fantastic for my .308 … Great app and in my opinion worth every dollar. The app is regularly updated and as I’m writing this review a new version is currently in beta. Very excited to see what results I get at further ranges. Edit: used again for 1100 yards with my 6.5 Creedmoor and shooting 12 inch steel plate. Got multiple hits, and initially really got me close to target. Have to do some adjustment, and verify hits at prior ranges. But great app! Highly recommended



I’ve been shooting long distance for many years and this app is amazing. Info on rounds in the data base seem to be very accurate. Routinely shooting 600 yards I find the calculations to be spot on with my M—40.



Outstanding. Select your load. Enter the correct inputs i.e. Temp. Altitude. Altimeter. Correct bullet and velocity. Save it. Then make shots at several distances and enter correction data; meaning inches low or high. I use 100,400,800 yards. From then on just enter the weather and, if you do your part, you will have first round hits, precisely, at any distance the cartridge is capable including spin drift and Coriolis effect. I’m always on target if I get the wind right. Just got back from a school and was making first shot hits out to 1175 yards and everything in between. When running a match, I make a cheat sheet and tape it to the stock using the local weather. When the weather changes significantly, just tape on an adjusted sheet and keep shooting. Or just add a correction in my head to the original data. Save pictures of target hits and the app produces groupings with all data i.e. Group moa. Left right up down error in moa and inches/mils. If you are serious about accuracy, this app will make you a better shot and keep a log of your performance.




The most comprehensive shooting app on the market. I have uploaded different BDC reticles to quickly aim or I’ve printed off the drop charts for more precise shots. It’s the only shooting app you’ll ever need.



Get it, learn it, trust, use it! Using this app, we had a 200 yard zero, shot a competition at 200, 300, and 600 yards. First shots dead on at 300 and 600 yards. Just amazing! In another competition, we had 1 shot at 600 yards cold bore, using this app, center punched the target. We LOVE this app!



Outstanding. I couldn’t imagine how I’d shoot long range without this app. Of all the possible devices and pieces of tech to provide long range solutions, I haven’t found anything this good—not in accuracy, comprehensiveness, ease or even cost effectiveness. Please, never stop supporting this app. Only thing I’d like to see added is an input option for an exact yardage on the HUD screen. The available yardages on the HUD are determined by the yardage increment of the projectile (e.g. 10 yards / 50 yards etc.). At long range, every yard can make significant differences in POI. If I’ve ranged a target (or hunting animal) at a particular yardage, I’d like to be able to input that exact yardage into the HUD screen for a firing solution. But I don’t want to dwell on that—this app is fantastic!

—Long Time Pro User


Just what I was hoping for. Once I’ve zeroed, this gets me on paper (or steel) at any range— making fine tuning easy from there. I was hesitant to spend that much on an app, but saves more than that in wasted ammo the first time you use it.