Month: April 2021

While long-range shooters can and do spend impressive amounts of money on their shooting rigs, there are some real bargains available on products that can make shooting easier and more effective. For example, and for less than $100, a long-range shooter can have…. Ulfhednar Cookie Dough Support Pillow ($73) Made of durable, weather-resistant Cordura®, this versatile support […]

Those first times shooting long-range distances can be intimidating. It’s so…far! And the target looks so small! “But, remember, if you can hit at 100 yards, you can hit at 1,000 yards,” said veteran long-range shooting competitor Curt Vaughn. “It just takes practice, study and determination.” Before a new shooter even gets to the range, Vaughn, who owns Vaughn […]

As with most technical pursuits, long-range shooting has a good number of basic terms a shooter needs to know on their way to being a top shot. These terms include: Ballistic Coefficient – According to Wikipedia, “the ballistic coefficient (BC) of a body is a measure of its ability to overcome air resistance in flight.” Less air resistance […]