Long-Range Hunters Need a Ballistic Shooting App

December 10th, 2020 by BALLISTIC

Considering all the money long-range shooters and hunters spend on rifles, optics and ammunition, adding a free shooting app to the mix might seem pretty unnecessary. 

It’s the exact opposite.

As professional shooters know, a proven, ultra-high-tech shooting app like Ballistic is a huge assist in making precision shots, no matter the terrain, the weather or the distances. And Ballistic, the #1 long-range shooting app, can very well be the difference between the trophy hunt of a lifetime, a trip to the winner’s table or a huge disappointment.

No matter how expensive or precision-engineered the rifle or optic, for example, a long-range hunter or shooter can’t control the weather or its impact on their projectile. Wind, changing temperatures and fluctuating barometric pressures can and will impact the flight of a bullet.

With Ballistic, all a shooter needs to do is  update the current environmental inputs, including wind speed and directions, and Ballistic will automatically adjust the needed hold over points within the Bullet Profile. With Ballistic, shooters and hunters can input wind speed and direction in a manner of ways. Angle inputs (e.g., 90° = crosswind left to right) are possible for the wind direction or the o’clock format (e.g., 3:00 will automatically translate to 90°) can be used, too. Headwinds can be added in, also, and Ballistic will automatically adjust velocity to account for the headwind calculation.

On a hunt or during a competition, shooters will find themselves facing changing terrain. For instance, the elevation is a very important factor in precision shooting, as more than a few shooters have discovered a little too late. A common situation has the shooter zeroing their rifle at one elevation and then doing a competition or hunt at a much different elevation. A few thousand feet in elevation difference can alter a bullet’s point of impact by several inches  and sometimes much more, depending on the environmental conditions. Again, inputting the current elevation into Ballistic will automatically adjust for the changes in holdover points. 

For the long-range hunter, nothing is more important than taking an ethical shot. With Ballistic,  there’s no need to guess at how high to hold over the animal. Ballistic puts the hunter’s point of aim right on target, time and again, and does it in the field where it really counts. 

So, do long-range shooters and hunters need Ballistic? If they want to accomplish the most precise shooting possible, time after time, the answer is YES!

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