Lock, Stock and Barrel: Ballistic Has You Covered

August 26th, 2019 by team

Like most sports, Precision Rifle Shooting takes time, practice, passion, and the right gear. If this level of long-range shooting is important to you,  make sure you add some really great and very inexpensive insurance to your shooting kit.

Make sure you add Ballistic

Considering all the money a serious shooter spends on gear, a Ballistic Calculator like Ballistic will boost your precision for relative pennies.

Think of it this way. Basic chassis rifles being built today for PRS-style competitions cost over $1,000. Realistically, most competitors are spending at least $3,000 on their rifle alone, with the same or more expended on the rifle scope.

Ammunition? Have you thought about what each shot costs? A dollar per load or more in most cases. This is why many competitors opt for handloading their own, which is less costly than buying factory ammunition. The handloading option still requires a substantial investment in equipment and components.

And then there’s the long list of other items long-range shooters use to keep them on target, in their practice and during actual events. This can include everything from bi-pods, eye and hearing protection, range finders, binoculars and spotting scopes, to extra magazines, numerous types of shooting bags, weather and wind meters, cleaning kits tools, and…the list goes ever on and on. We’re sure you are nodding along as you read this list, checking off each and every one of these items that you own.

For much less than the cost of a decent range bag, one would be amazed at how few shooters out there use a Ballistic Calculator. Did you know that Ballistic, the World’s #1 ballistic calculator is only $15?

With Ballistic, long-range shooters and hunters are provided with the most precise calculations possible. This is why Ballistic is used by competition shooters, long-range hunters, and the military.

Those calculations begin to take form the second a shooter creates his or herBallistic Bullet Profile. That Profile contains all the basic inputs–including the ballistic coefficient and bullet weight, sight height, and muzzle velocity, to name just a few-plus the all-important atmospheric conditions.

But Ballistic, unlike many of the apps available today, doesn’t stop there. Ballisticalso provides advanced features like a Mil-Dot and MOA rangefinder with heads-up display capabilities, GPS and atmosphere awareness, full-sized shooting charts, and a reloading companion.

With Ballistic, you can also build a complete picture of the wind environment by entering up to 8 different wind variables. Put simply, the wind at your firing position is most probably different to the wind conditions at your target 600 yards away. Did you account for that updraft coming off the canyon 200 yards out? With Ballisticyou did! Ballistic will automatically adjust to account for all of these variables ensuring you have the most accurate calculations possible.

All of this, and Ballistic costs less than a box of ammunition. If you are a long-range shooting competitor, don’t leave home without Ballistic!

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