Shooting and Concentration – 5 Tips for Better Focus

July 31st, 2019 by team

by JAY CHAMBERS at Minute Man Review

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay away from distractions. Everyone’s mind can drift. It’s annoying, and it can also happen when you’re shooting.

Keeping your focus can be really difficult, but it’s necessary if you want to have confidence with your shot and effectively hit the target. Here are 5 tips to improve your concentration for more effective shooting sessions.

1/ Meditate
Have you ever considered meditation? There are plenty of myths surrounding this activity, yet few truly know how beneficial meditation can be to your ability to focus. Meditation trains your brain to shut down the many thoughts that would distract you, and helping you to not get distracted in your thinking and concentration. Thus focusing on one specific thing – shooting, in our case.

2/ Train Your Eyes
Your eyes are crucial when shooting, and it’s one of the factors contributing to your focus. You need to train them to deal with both standing and moving targets, which is done through practice. Spotting scopes are also a great and affordable aid. They can be very useful for long range competition shooters, but also when hunting. A proper one usually has 20-60x quality. It’s both affordable and useful, so it’s a win-win. 

3/ Keep Distractions Away
Shooting is no joke, and you don’t want a distraction to harm you or someone else. A Facebook notification is enough to make you rush towards your phone to check it. So, make sure your phone has its notifications off, and you only use it for the Ballistic app for coordination.

4/ Take Breaks
Constantly shooting without giving your mind and body a break can easily make you lose focus most times. We all need some time off to gain our power back and refresh our mind, and the same goes during a shooting session. Focus on the Feeling

5/ Focus on the Feeling
When shooting, from the moment the bullet leaves the barrel, you have a specific feeling that’s hard to replace. That feeling tells you whether your shot will hit the target, or it will miss. By focusing on that feeling, you have a greater way to learn how to concentrate on shooting and not think of distractions. Visualize the shot, feel the shot, and know that it will hit.

Follow these steps next time you head behind the scope to ensure better focus – and an improved shooting sessions.

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