A Father-Son Rifle Cleaning on Father’s Day!

June 12th, 2020 by BALLISTIC

This Father’s Day, do something a little different with your son or grandson and spend some time bonding while cleaning your firearms.

Yes, cleaning guns is probably the least fun part of being a long-range shooter or hunter. But it can be a great learning experience for you and your child or grandchild.

Start by laying out your favorite firearms on a table or counter (with a protective mat beneath) and go over the basic parts. Then, explain the upcoming cleaning process.

Let’s assume you are going to clean your long-range rifle. While there is no particular cleaning order, you might consider:

–First, remove bolt. Show your youngster how it fits and operates in the receiver, how it feeds a new round into the chamber, explain the need for the lugs, and show him where the firing pin comes out to strike the round’s primer. Give it a quick clean and lube.
Pro Move: Disassemble bolt and go over the parts, their operation.

–Next, clean the barrel. Discuss fouling and the need to remove it, then use bore cleaner and a wire brush. Give the youngster a few chances with the cleaning rod, too! Your first cleaning patch should show lines created by the rifling. Time to explain rifling and to present an overview of projectiles, how they travel through the barrel and the effect of rifling on that travel.

–Next, remove the stock from the receiver and barrel to clean away dust and debris. This is a good time to point out trigger, how it works, and the safety mechanism, as well as the magazine system.

–Before you re-assemble your rifle, ask him if he has any questions. Maybe let him try to the reassembly process himself.

Once the rifle is back together, make the learning experience really stick by taking him to the range! Of course, show him how to use Ballistic, the Number #1 app for long-range shooting. Let him see firsthand that, when it comes to making accurate and precise shots, Ballistic will put the two of you on target again and again. 

Five Tips For Cleaning Your Rifle

–Before you start, make sure your rifle is unloaded!  Safety first.

–A vice is a great help, especially to hold the rifle while cleaning the barrel

–Remove the bolt and push your cleaning rod from the rear to the front of the barrel. Doing the process in the other direction can push dirt and grime into your receiver.

–Wipe down the chamber and inside of the receiver. Scrape away any carbon build ups here as these can become sticking points.

–When done cleaning, lightly oil moving parts. Too much oil will leak, resulting in a slippery stock and/or trigger!

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