Perfect Shots Require Perfect Tools

On the Range with Ballistic:

Perfect Shots Require Perfect Tools

You wouldn’t expect a cheap bolt-action rifle firing surplus ammunition to be a precision shooting rig. Likewise, you can’t expect a perfect shot, time after time, if your ballistics calculator only provides basic data points and inputs.

As serious long-range shooters know, having precise ballistics data at your fingertips can be the difference between making that shot or exiting your hunt or competition empty-handed. Don’t take any chances. Download and use Ballistic to make each shot count.

Ballistic is powered by the JBM Ballistics Engine, one of the most accurate ballistic engines available. Ballistic provides a library of 5,300 projectiles and loads, along with performance data from both manufacturers and military testing. Users can also upload their own ballistic data, making Ballistic the ideal app for handloaders as well.

Ballistic allows a shooter to easily input all data for each load, including ballistic coefficient, bullet weight, sight height, your zero range, and the load’s muzzle velocity. Once this data is inputted, simply save the rifle/bullet combination to your “Favorites” for easy access.

At the range or in the field, Ballistic easily makes adjustments to account for current weather conditions, altitude, and wind direction.

Ballistics charts allow you to display the energy, velocity, and drop for your current projectile; you can compare up to eight projectiles together on the same screen. Your current atmosphere and zero are automatically applied to all projectiles, letting you compare apples to apples.

If you strive for that perfect shot?  You need the best data source available, and that’s Ballistic, the #1 ballistics calculator.

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